Multi-Function LED Flashlight

Multi-Function LED Flashlight Features

What's in the box: Light and Lanyard

Having one Dive Light with Multi-Functions can be a great advantage in several ways, no longer do you need to carry Multiple Lights on a dive when you only need one. This new light has Two-Modes of Intensity a High Output-Mode for Night Diving giving you 230 Lumens Output and for Day-Diving Low Output-Mode of 110 Lumens. When used as an Emergency or Signal Light it has an SOS Morse Code Mode.

Light is powered by 3  C" Cell Batteries and has a Burn Time of 7 Hours on Maximum Brightness of 230 Lumens. Light is Depth Rated to 300' (90 meters), has a 4.7 Watt CREE LED Bulb and is available in Black, Black with Blue or Gold Light Head. Light comes equipped with a Lanyard with Barrel Slide Lock to secure to your Wrist.

Key Features

  • Multi-Function LED Flashlight:
  • Two-Modes of Intensity a High Output
  • High-Output Mode: 230 Lumens
  • Low-Output Mode: 110 Lumens
  • High Mode Great for Night Diving
  • Low Mode to Conserve Power or Day Diving
  • SOS Signal Mode for Morse Code
  • 4.7 Watt CREE LED Lamp
  • Powered by 3 C" Cell Batteries
  • Burn Time: 7 Hours on Maximum Brightness
  • Depth Rated: 300' (90 meters)
  • 3-Color Choices
  • Wrist Lanyard with Barrel Slide Lock