Humvee 6 (15.24 cm) Chemical Light Sticks Green

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About Humvee 6 (15.24 cm) Chemical Light Sticks

6 in. Chemical Lightsticks
The 6 in. Chemical Lightsticks are useful additions to what you carry on your outdoor trips as you can always have light when you need it, even without a power source. They can light up during your camping trips, outdoor hiking and even at home when there's a power outage. The sticks produce light without producing heat or sparks, making it a safe product to use indoors as well. They are waterproof when lit and can be used while you are diving or snorkeling, as an added safety measure. They are non-toxic, which of course is important if you use them around people or animals, preventing them from getting sick. You won't worry about them running out of power as they last up to 6 hours of use. See light with the 6 in. Chemical Lightsticks, they are handy lifesavers which will not leave you in the dark.

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