JAWS Slosh LFC Cleaner 4oz.

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JAWS Slosh LFC Cleaner 4oz. Features

What's in the box: 4 oz (118ml) Slosh LFC Cleaner

Slosh LFD (Low Foaming Disinfectant) removes salt, chlorine, odors, organic residue, mold, algae & bacteria. Its low foaming properties & special disinfectants make it the perfect cleaning solution for products such as BCD bladders & hoses, drinking water bladders & hoses, water bottles & more! Slosh LFD can be used in conjunction with slosh cleaner/conditioner to boost cleaning & disinfectant properties. Slosh LFC comes in a 4 oz (118ml) one-handed push-top applicator. Slosh LFD

Key Features

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Hypo-allergenic; alcohol free
  • Biodegradable; non-comedogenic
  • One-handed 4 oz (118ml) push-top applicator
  • No harmful chemicals