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About LP Hose/ BC Quick Disconnect Adaptor

Having the right stuff in your Save-a-Dive Kit can make the difference between a great dive and the worst day of diving you ever had. Watching everyone else swimming out from the beach or making a giant stride entry off the back of the boat and you're just sitting there with a bad LP Inflator Hose is something that can be prevented if you come prepared. Always carrying spares of the easily replaceable parts can make this nightmare never happening to you. If you have a Standard BCD Inflator Mechanism this is a must spare for your kit. Just a couple of wrenches and presto! You have replaced a Vital Coupling and can still make the dive.

This Connector will work with any Standard Regulator Second-Stage LP Hose. The Connector will Thread to the Second Stage End of LP Hose and will Convert that Hose to a Power Inflator Fill Hose getting you back in the water when you need it. The Coupling is made from Corrosion Resistant Chrome Plated Brass for Durability and Long Life.

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