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Glo-Toob AAA Light Stick Features

Glo-Toob AAA Light Stick
The Glo-Toob AAA Light Stick now comes in a new model. This high powered Glo-Toob stick is ideal for the dark and deserted stretches of long driving, hiking, fishing, or cycling. it is sure to light up your way and keep you from harm's way, while performing your favorite activities at night. It is waterproof up to 200 feet, can be carried and used under any wet conditions comfortably. The Glo-Toob light stick has a visibility setting of over a mile and works on 3 convenient compatible modes: 100% ON, 25% ON and strobe mode. Next time you decide to go out in the dark and carry out any of the activities you at night in any environment or terrain, take a Glo-Toob AAA Light Stick and let there be light for you and those you care about!

Key Features

  • Waterproof to 200 feet
  • Powered by inexpensive AAA battery
  • Safety light with hundreds of applications
  • Visible over 1 mile
  • Impact resistant
  • 100% ON
  • 25% ON
  • Strobe
  • Whether you're diving, camping, hunting, fishing, or cycling - Glo-Toob provides intense light in any environment
  • 3 modes to fit any situation
  • Unbelievably tough