GloRope Glow Cave Diving Rope

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  • Double braided divers cave rope
  • Glow in the dark line
  • Tensile strength in 500lbs (227 kg)
  • Won't rub off, and will glow for a lifetime
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About GloRope Glow Cave Diving Rope

GloRope's legendary nylon double braided Divers Cave Rope comes in 2.3mm which is a paracord type braid with a double braided inner core. This small but versatile glow in the dark line that can truly be a life saver for anyone going into a dark or confined space. Also great for use as lanyards, corded handles, and equipment tie-offs. The 2.3mm with an all Spectra Fiber double braided inner core wrapped in an all glow outer jacket has a tensile strength of an unbelievable 500lbs (227 kg), yes, you read that right! At 500lbs (227 kg), tensile this tiny monster strong line will be there when it counts and can even be used as a guy line, tent line, and heck, even fishing for the big ones as rumors have it that for some reason fish seem to love GloRope line just as much as GloRope's customers do. Many divers and workmen have come to rely on this trusty little line to guide them out when all else fails. Because let's face it, stuff happens and this is the final fail-safe when the world suddenly goes dark. It won't rub off and it will glow for the life of the rope. Just charge the line with a light source and you've got life line that can guide you out when things go bad. GloRope is proudly made in the U.S.A.

GloRope Glow Cave Diving Rope Features

  • GloRope Glow Cave Diving Rope
  • Legendary Nylon Double Braided Divers Cave Rope
  • 2.3mm Paracord Type Braid: Double Braided Inner Core
  • Small Versatile Glow-In-the-Dark Line
  • True Life Saver for Going-Into-Dark or Confined Space
  • Great for Use as:
    Lanyards, Corded Handles
    Equipment Tie-Offs
    Guy Line, Tent Line
    Heck, Even Fishing for Big Ones!
    For Some Reason Fish Love GloRope Line
  • Spectra Fiber Double Braided Inner Core
  • Core Wrapped in All Glow Outer Jacket
  • Tensile Strength: 500lbs (227 kg)
  • Tiny "Monster Strong Line": Will-be-There-When-It-Counts!
  • Final Fail-Safe when the World Suddenly Goes Dark
  • Won't Rub Off, Will Glow for Life of Rope
  • Charge Line with Light Source
  • Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
  • Available in Multiple Lengths
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