Gauge Protector for Aeris and Oceanic -See Compatibility

Gauge Protector for Aeris and Oceanic -See Compatibility Features

What's in the box: Gauge Protector for AERIS ATMOS Elite/ATMOS 1 & 2, Oceanic Versa/Versa Pro/VT Pro

Tired of having to Submerge-your-Computer in Water so you can See-thru-the-Gauge Protector? Once your Gauge Protector gets Scuffed-and-Scratched enough you can Hardy-Read it On-the-Surface between dives, it still Protects-the-Computers Crystal, but if you can't read the Computer between Dives it time to Replace-It. The Gauge Protector is designed to Protect-the-AERIS Atmos, Elite/Atmos 1 & 2, and Oceanic Versa/Versa Pro/VT Pro Computers from Scratches, Abrasions and Harmful UV Rays. Its Protective Lens is Optically-Clear and Installs-Easily over the Computer Face. Replacement Gauge Protector makes a great Save-a-Dive Kit Item.

Key Features

  • Replace Old Scratched and Scuffed Protector
  • Optically Clear
  • Provides UV Protection
  • Easy to Install Snap-On Design
  • Durable Plastic Material
  • Great Save-a-Dive Kit Item