Frog Spit 2oz (59 ml) Bottles

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Frog Spit 2oz (59 ml) Bottles Features

What's in the box: Frog Spit 2oz (59 ml) Bottles

Frog Spit is a Truly Unique No-Rinse, Anti-Fog Formula, One Single-Drop of this Concentrated Green Formula provides Long-Lasting Anti-Fog Protection. If you Scuba Dive, Snorkel, Snow Ski, Snow Board, Play Hockey, Participate in Paint Ball War Games you name it if you have to Wear-Eye-Protection Frog Spit is what you're looking for Fog-Free Vision.

Works on Plastic or Glass Lenses and is also great for Industrial Safety Goggles Face Shields, Eye and Sunglasses the uses are endless. This Great Green Formula comes in a 2oz (59ml) Squeeze Bottle Applicator and only requires One-Drop for Hours of Fog-Free Vision. Frog Spit is Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe and requires No-Rinsing. It also has a Pleasant Tropical Scent and a Cool Looking Graphics Applicator you're going to want to keep.

Key Features

  • Truly Unique No-Rinse, Anti-Fog Formula
  • Single-Drop, Concentrated Green Formula
  • Long-Lasting Anti-Fog Protection
  • Multi-Sport and Industrial Uses
  • Works on Glass and Plastics
  • Content: 2oz (59ml)
  • Applicator: Squeeze Bottle
  • Biodegradable
  • Environmentally Safe
  • Pleasant tropical scent
  • Cool Looking Graphics Applicator