Fin Strap (1) without Buckle

Fin Strap (1) without Buckle Features

What's in the box: Fin Strap (1) without Buckle

You are getting ready to make your first dive on your tropical vacation in Saint Somewhere. This is about to be the greatest adventure you have had in a long time. You are fully suited up and are ready to put your fins on to start your dive and your fin strap breaks! Always have a spare in your Save-a-Dive Kit The dive you save may be your own. The Strap has Large Pull End and Heel Pull Tabs for Easy Donning and Doffing Basic Fin Strap is made of Durable Rubber and will fit a Large Scope of Strapped Open Heel Fins, this is not a set measurments 17" X 1" (43.2cm x 2.5cm).

The Fin Strap (1) without Buckle is commonly used for Recreation, Cold Water, All Diving Applications and more. The Fin Strap (1) without Buckle is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Fin Strap (1) without Buckle: Easy To Use, Functional, Lightweight, Solid Construction.

Key Features

  • Quality Rubber Strap Material
  • Large Strap and Heel Pull Tabs
  • Tabs Make Donning and Doffing Easy
  • Strap Fits a Wide Range of Fins
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
  • The Dive You Save May be Your Own!