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Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel


Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel Features

What's in the box: Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel with Line and Double Ended Brass Clip

Finger Spools are most often used as Gap Reels, or for Short-Distance Exploration. Small and Low-Profile, a Spool fits nicely Out-of-the-Way in a Pocket or Clipped-Off to a D-Ring. The Holes in the side allow for Clipping in a Double-Ended Snap anywhere along the Perimeter of the Spool to keep the Line Tight when not in use. The Line comes in three lengths; 80' (15 2 m), 100' (30 5 m), and 167' (50 9 m) and is available White or Orange Line to serve your needs, and is approved for up to a maximum of 176lb (80 kg) of Dry Weight. This Finger Spool Reel also comes with a Durable, Double-Ended Brass Snap Clip for Ease of Attachment. Reel is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

Key Features

  • Used as Gap Reel or for Short Distance Exploration
  • Small and Low-Profile Design
  • Spool Fits Nicely Out-of-the-Way in Pocket or Clipped-Off to D-Ring
  • Side Holes: For Clipping in a Double-Ended Snap on Perimeter of the Spool, Keeps Line Tight
  • Strong Line:(Maximum 176lb (80kg) dry weight
  • Simple, but Durable Construction
  • Double Ended Brass Snap Clip
  • White or Orange Line
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty