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Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel


Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel Features

What's in the box: Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel with Line and Double Ended Brass Clip

Finger Spools are most often used as Gap Reels, or for Short-Distance Exploration. Small and Low-Profile, a Spool fits nicely Out-of-the-Way in a Pocket or Clipped-Off to a D-Ring. The Holes in the side allow for Clipping in a Double-Ended Snap anywhere along the Perimeter of the Spool to keep the Line Tight when not in use. The Line comes in three lengths; 80' (15 2 m), 100' (30 5 m), and 167' (50 9 m) and is available White or Orange Line to serve your needs, and is approved for up to a maximum of 176lb (80 kg) of Dry Weight. This Finger Spool Reel also comes with a Durable, Double-Ended Brass Snap Clip for Ease of Attachment. Reel is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

The Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel is commonly used for All Diving Applications, Recreation, Warm Water, Professional and more. The Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced, Professional, Casual/ Recreational among others. The Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Blue Reef Finger Spool Reel: Functional, Easy To Use, Lightweight, Solid Construction, Improves Diving Experience.

Key Features

  • Used as Gap Reel or for Short Distance Exploration
  • Small and Low-Profile Design
  • Spool Fits Nicely Out-of-the-Way in Pocket or Clipped-Off to D-Ring
  • Side Holes: For Clipping in a Double-Ended Snap on Perimeter of the Spool, Keeps Line Tight
  • Strong Line:(Maximum 176lb (80kg) dry weight
  • Simple, but Durable Construction
  • Double Ended Brass Snap Clip
  • White or Orange Line
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty