5 FT.2 Piece Inner Tube Mount Flag Holder (DF36)

5 FT.2 Piece Inner Tube Mount Flag Holder (DF36) Features

What's in the box: Two Piece Pole, Clap w/Strap and Rubber Stoppers

Being a safe diver is important more and more people are boating each year and there is increased watercraft traffic in our favorite dive sites. This Two Piece5 ft Inner Tube Flag Holder has curved bracket for easy attachment to a car tire inner tube. Holder comes equipped with rubber stoppers on the pole to eliminate flag slippage. Use of a car inner tube as a float gives extreme positive buoyancy, yet when deflated is easy to stow and transport. The 5 ft. pole allows flag to be highly visible from long distances for increased safety.

Key Features

  • Converts an Inner Tube to Safety Buoy
  • 5' Two Piece Pole
  • Easy Mount Clamp w/Strap
  • Rubber Stoppers to Prevent Flag Slippage
  • Increased Safety in Diving