4 FT. Inner Tube Mount Flag Holder (DF31)

sale 4 FT. Inner Tube Mount Flag Holder (DF31)

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4 FT. Inner Tube Mount Flag Holder (DF31) Features

What's in the box: Flag Pole and Curved Inner Tube Bracket Assembly

Being a safe diver is important more and more people are boating each year and there is increased watercraft traffic in our favorite dive sites. This 4 ft Inner Tube Flag Holder has curved bracket for easy attachment to a car tire inner tube. Holder comes equipped with rubber stoppers on the pole to eliminate flag slippage. Use of a car inner tube as a float gives extreme positive buoyancy, yet when deflated is easy to stow and transport. The 4 ft. pole allows flag to be highly visible from long distances for increased safety.

Key Features

  • Mounts on Car Inner Tube
  • 4 FT. Pole with Bracket
  • Rubber Stoppers to Prevent Flag Slippage
  • Allows Flag High Visibility
  • Increases Dive Safety