Aqua Deluxe First Aid Kit with Dry Box

Aqua Deluxe First Aid Kit with Dry Box Features

What's in the box: Dry Box, Scissors, Tweezers, Ice Pack, Antiseptic, Bandages, Waterproof Tape, and More

When we go diving we are in an adverse environment that can cause minor scratches, stings and bites. Most of the time the dives are uneventful in regards to these minor discomforts, but the seasoned diver likes to be prepared.Having a good first aid kit is always prudent. The Deluxe First Aid Kit comes in water tight O-ring sealed dry box and has all the basics you need, scissors, tweezers, ice pack, antiseptics, bandages & more. Be a safety minded diver and always have a first aid kit handy.

Key Features

  • Water Tight Dry Box
  • O-Ring Sealed
  • All Basic First Aid Items Included
  • Must item for Safe Diving