5.0" Exposure Suit Hanger, Black

5.0" Exposure Suit Hanger, Black Features

This 5.0" wide shoulder width hanger is versatile and is not only good for your exposure suit, but can be handy when hanging heavy winter gear tactical vests, turnout gear etc. The Suit Hanger can hold over 100 pounds, so no matter how soaking wet your suit is it can handle the weight. Broad shoulder width not only can support a lot of weight, but it also prevents over stretching or creasing of suit when in storage for prolong periods.

Key Features

  • This 5 inch shoulder width hanger will support over 100 pounds of outer wear fordrying or storage.
  • The hook is made from heavy duty stainless steel and the molded ABS resin shoulder form is highly impact resistant.
  • Wet suits, dry suits, heavy winter gear, tactical vests, turnout gear, etc. are held open for good air circulation while drying
  • The broad shoulder also prevents creases in that area which can cause damage to foam suit material.
  • Size: 22.7 L x 14.5 W x 9 D inches