DIN to Yoke Tank Filler Adapter

DIN to Yoke Tank Filler Adapter Features

This 200/300 BAR DIN to standard yoke, for tank filling to 3000 psi, allows you to get your cylinders equipped with DIN valves filled where ever you go diving. Not all dive operators have both yoke and DIN fill whips on their compressors, so make sure you always bring your DIN-to-yoke adapter. It could save a dive and rental cost for cylinders if yours can't be filled. Adapter is made of Marine Chrome Plated Brass for long life and a large hand wheel for easy installation, even with wet hands. Don't leave home without it!

Key Features

  • Allows you to Fill DIN Cylinder at Any Dive
  • 3000 psi Service
  • Chromed Marine Grade Brass Construction
  • Large, Impact-Resistant Hand Wheel
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item