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Dive Alert PLUS v.2

DA Plus DV1

Dive Alert PLUS v.2 Features

Why use DiveAlert PLUS?

What would you do in a diving emergency if you needed to get the attention of someone else? Above or below the water's surface!

Traditionally, SCUBA divers have relied on whistles as their only audible surface signaling device. But, if a diver is disabled and can't blow into the whistle, the whistle makes no sound at all. Equally frustrating and dangerous, if a diver needs to attract the attention of someone who is too far away to hear the whistle, the whistle is of no help.

Or, what would you do if you wanted the attention of your dive buddy underwater, for whatever reason, and he was simply distracted and not paying attention to you at that very moment? Traditionally, you would be forced to swim up to him or her until you got their attention.

Instead, using the DiveAlert PLUS a diver on the surface can sound a horn blast that can be heard up to a mile away! Or, DiveAlert PLUS can signal a dive buddy underwater!

DiveAlert PLUS is a small and lightweight pneumatic signaling device that harnesses the power of compressed air in your scuba tank to produce a distinctive sound both above and below the surface. Using quick-connect/disconnect couplings, DiveAlert PLUS becomes an integrated part of the power inflator on your BCD.

DiveAlert PLUS does not require any modification of your other equipment, and it does not interfere in any way with the normal operation of your other equipment.

When you need to get someone's attention while on the surface, you simply squeeze DiveAlert PLUS and it diverts a small amount of air from your scuba tank to make a powerful and piercing sound. Or, when you are underwater and want to attract attention, squeeze DiveAlert PLUS and it diverts a small amount of air from your scuba tank to make a buzzing noise to alert your dive buddy.

Details on using DiveAlert PLUS

INSTALLATION - DiveAlert PLUS connects between the power inflator and the low-pressure hose by means of its quick-connect/disconnect hose fittings.

OPERATION - Once the tank is turned on and the DiveAlert PLUS connected, squeeze DiveAlert PLUS a little underwater for a subsurface signal or squeeze it a little harder on the surface for a loud surface signal blast.

Just make sure that before every dive you check that DiveAlert PLUS is installed correctly and functioning properly. Also be careful not to point DiveAlert PLUS toward yourself or toward anyone who is in close proximity to you when you activate the surface signal or loss of hearing could result.

MAINTENANCE - After each use, DiveAlert PLUS should be rinsed with fresh water. This is especially important after use in chlorinated swimming pools and in other water having corrosive substances. Additionally, it is highly recommended that you blow the water out of DiveAlert PLUS before storing. This can be done by pressurizing and activating both the surface and subsurface signaling elements. We recommend that you cup your hand over the surface signaling element to muffle the loud noise.

Body and Internal Elements - Injection-molded Thermoplastic
Diaphragms - Stainless Steel
Couplings - Chrome-plated Brass

One-Year Limited Warranty
Ideations design, Inc., warrants DiveAlert PLUS to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of purchase from an authorized DiveAlert PLUS dealer. If any functional defects appear in a DiveAlert PLUS unit within the one-year warranty period, the unit will be either repaired or replaced at the option of Ideations design, Inc.

The Dive Alert PLUS v.2 is commonly used for All Diving Applications, Recreation, Cold Water, Professional, Warm Water and more. The Dive Alert PLUS v.2 is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced, Professional among others. The Dive Alert PLUS v.2 is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Dive Alert PLUS v.2: Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Solid Construction, Lightweight.

Key Features

  • DV1
    DiveAlert PLUS compatible with 85% of all power inflators
  • DV2
    DiveAlert PLUS compatible with the SeaQuest AirSource (including AirSource3 QD),Mares Air Control, Oceanic Air XS and Aeris AirLink alternate inflation regulator systems
  • DV3
    DiveAlert PLUS compatible with Tusa Duo-Air, ScubaPro A.I.R. 2, Atomic Aquatics SS1, Zeagle OctoZ and Sherwood's Gemini alternate inflation regulator systems.