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  • Multifunctional garment designed for warmth
  • Water resistant, breathable, and lightweight
  • Reversible design
  • Made with bonded polyester fleece
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About Surf-Fur Waterproof Parka, Black

The Surf-fur is the most versatile accessory for everyone who enjoys watersports. The Surf-fur is a water-resistant, breathable, reversible and light-weight cover-up coat. Wear it before you go into the water to heat-up, or in-between dives or surf sessions for protection and warmth. Surf longer! Wear it after being in the water to help restore your body temperature. Change under it, reverse it to the dry side and put it back on to keep warming up, or use it as a car seat covering to protect your interior. The best thing about the Surf-fur is how it makes you feel warm and comfortable!

The Surf-fur is made with a bonded polyester fleece that wicks moisture into the fibers and away from your body, yet does not penetrate to the reversible side. The fabric's fine pores allow for quick drying. Surf-fur is environmentally easy to care for and clean.

Surf-Fur Waterproof Parka, Black Features

  • Multifunctional garment designed for warmth, comfort, utility and style.
  • Wear the surfer before going out into the water to increase your body temperature.
  • Wrap your body in the Surf-fur, snap it closed and change under it. Using the Changing Pockets, easily slide your hands through to pull on or take off your wetsuit. No more flashing incidents at the beach!
  • Wear the Surf-fur after exposure to cold water to help prevent hypothermia.
  • Wrap the Surf-fur around the body with the wet wetsuit still on, jump in the car and drive home to a hot shower. Water resistant fabric keeps car seats protected.
  • After changing from a wet wetsuit, reverse the coat and put it back on to keep dry and warm.
  • Keep the environmentally friendly bag that Surf-fur came in and use it for your gear.

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