Sea Pearls Uncoated Pass-Thru Bullet Style Weights

Sea Pearls

About Sea Pearls Uncoated Pass-Thru Bullet Style Weights

You like the more Traditional Weight Belt for Several Reasons. One, they Increase your Stability in the Water, and two, they make Handling your Scuba System much Easier because it's Lighter Out-of-the-Water. Sea Pearls Uncoated Bullet Style Weights are a long favorite of Experienced Divers. These Weights are Accurate and True Weight, they are more Comfortable then Block Weights, because the Weight Belt Threads through the Center of the Weight rather than through Multiple Slots.

Weights are manufactured with Antimony which is an Alloy, to Increase Lead's Hardness and Mechanical Strength, making them Resistant to Deformation. The Sea Pearl Uncoated Weights may also be used with Weight Integrated BCD's that except Bullet Style Hard Lead. Weights are available in 2 lb, 3 lb, 4 lb and 5 lb (0 9, 1 36, 1 82 and 2 27 kg) Increments.

Sea Pearls Uncoated Pass-Thru Bullet Style Weights Features

  • Traditional Bullet Style Design
  • Long-Time Favorite of Experienced Divers
  • Weight Belt Webbing Passes-Through-the-Center of Weight
  • Less Weight Belt Webbing Length Needed
  • Accurate & True Weights
  • Hardened with Antimony to Prevent Deforming
  • Works with Weight Belt or BCD Weight Integrated Systems
  • Increments: 2 lb, 3 lb, 4 lb and 5 lb (0.9, 1.36, 1.82 and 2.27 kg)

Sea Pearls Uncoated Pass-Thru Bullet Style Weights Specifications

Hard Or Soft
Hard Weight Threading
Pass-Thru Bullet Style
Weight Increments
2 Lb, 3 Lb, 4 Lb And 5 Lb (0.9, 1.36, 1.82 And 2.27 Kg)
Waist, Bcd Or Ankle
Waist Or Bcd
Available in the Following Sizes:
2 Lbs, 3 Lbs, 4 Lbs, 5 Lbs
Weight [with packaging]
2 Lbs: 2 lb,
3 Lbs: 3 lb,
4 Lbs: 4.1 lb,
5 Lbs: 5.05 lb
Mfr #

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Questions about this item:

Scott W  Will the slot on these weights fit a Rob Allen rubber weight belt?
JAMES H  Yes they do. I use these 2lb ones for diving in Nor Cal. You may have to file out any burs, but it goes in just fine. Best lead for the money in my opinion. I used a bit of olive oil to help slide on.
John A  Hey, is the bullet shaped weight the 2lb weight, and the 3lb weight the next one down, as pictured in the item description?
Steve S  Yes, the weights are as pictured on the page.
Shopper  Would putting a few pounds on me when i free dive help me out, and even be worth it the price? im currently un-employed. I have enough money for a weight belt and weights. But if its not worth it, i really dont want to spend the money
MARC M  Well u need weight to dive with a wet or dry suit. I have had no problem with weights or belt. If u have no weights or belt than it is well worth it to buy.
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