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Aquatec Balanced Power inflator with integrated Underwater Horn

sale Aquatec Balanced Power inflator with integrated Underwater Horn

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Aquatec Balanced Power inflator with integrated Underwater Horn Features

The Scub-Alert Power Inflator is a BCD power inflator that has a built in air-powered horn.  This built in horn surpasses the performance of the "in-line" type of underwater horn.  The large housing provides a bigger box for the sound to resonate and produce a louder sound. This horn works both underwater and on the Surface.  

The Scub-Alert Power Inflator is the perfect power inflator for divers that want to have the benefit of an underwater horn without the added "bulk" of a separate Scub-Alert.  The comfortable mouthpiece is perfect for easy oral inflation.  The inflator housing is made of high strength plastic polymer, providing durability without added weight.  The Scub-Alert Power Inflator is easy to clean, simply rinse in fresh water after use.  The ergonomic design allows access to all three functions: inflate, deflate, and horn with ONE grip!

Key Features

  • Standard Power Inflator with Built-In Underwater Horn, Can Be Used to Retrofit Most BCDs
  • Horn Works Both Underwater and on the Surface!
  • Steel Pin in Air Outlet to Connect to BCD "Pull Dump" Feature
  • Uses Standard LP Inflator Hose and 1" Corrugated BCD Hose
  • Ridge on Outside of Air Outlet to Create a Secure Seal with the BCD Corrugated Hose
  • Great Ergonomic Design Allows Access to All Three Functions: Inflate, Deflate, and Horn
  • Comfortable Mouthpiece for Easy Oral Inflation
  • Horn is Very Loud Above Water--Keep Away From Ears at All Times