Buddy Call underwater Signalling Devise

Buddy Call underwater Signalling Devise Features

Buddycall is the revolutionary new underwater signaling and emergency device for divers.
New Zealand dive experts Scientific Divers are proud to introduce Buddycall - a device that has revolutionizing personal underwater signaling and emergency response.
Buddycall is a battery operated diver-to-diver signaling device that enables you to immediately attract the attention of other divers. It may be worn around your wrist like a watch or attached to other gear like a BCD.

A smart, potentially life-saving idea:
Often while diving, you want to get another divers attention to point something out, check on how much air is left in their tank, or to keep in touch with a group. Buddycall can be heard underwater for up to 100 feet - creating a wide safety and communication radius.
The fact that it operates independently of your air supply is an important safety component. In emergency situations, time is critical. With Buddycall, divers are able to alert each other instantly so precious seconds are not wasted.

Works even if your air tanks don't:
A common life-threatening emergency involves divers running out of air, whether by gear failure or depletion. In this situation, air-powered signaling devices won't work.
Other devices such as tank bangers and rattle sticks are clumsy and inconvenient. In an emergency, a diver could be too preoccupied or even confused to bang on their tank or shake a stick.
With Buddycall, you simply push a button to get the life-saving attention you need. (As is true with all audible devices, the wearing of a hood diminishes the effective range of the Buddycall).

Hands free emergency operation:
It works by making a pleasant but attention grabbing sound. Activated by pressing a clearly visible button, a diver can use a short burst of sound to get a buddy's attention or leave it in the ON position for hands-free use in an emergency. Use simple codes to pass your messages easily.

Ideal for Dive Instructors
Buddycall is designed for both diving and snorkeling. Dive Instructors and dive masters will find it to be of significant benefit because of its ability to enhance student and instructor communication. It will increase a student's comfort level and confidence because they will have a reliable means to communicate with, and if need be, alert their instructor in an emergency. Skin divers young and old will use Buddycall to help keep the group together and to summon the attention of fellow divers.

Click here to listen what the Buddycall sounds like

The Buddy Call underwater Signalling Devise is commonly used for Recreation and more. The Buddy Call underwater Signalling Devise is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver among others. The Buddy Call underwater Signalling Devise is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Buddy Call underwater Signalling Devise: Easy To Use, Lightweight.

Key Features

  • Communicate easily with your buddies
  • Get fast attention in an emergency
  • Battery powered
  • Audible up to 100 feet / 30 meters
  • Ergonomic and diver friendly
  • Long battery life