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  • Helps reduce leg and fin buoyancy
  • Aids stability during underwater activities
  • Especially useful with dry suits
  • Buckles easily released with one hand
  • Nylon cover with lead shot for ballast
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About Durward Ankle Weights, (Pair)

Durward Ankle Weights, Reduce Leg and Fin Buoyancy, Minimizes Back-Stress so you have a Safer, more Comfortable Dive. Ankle Weights Keeps Fins Submerged at the Surface and Add Stability during Underwater Projects such as Photography or Dive Instruction. Easy Draining Delrin Buckles Securely-Fasten Weights and can be Easily Released with One Hand. The Dunward Ankle Weights have a Form-Fitting design and Rugged Construction. Regular are 3 3 lb (1 5 kg) per pair and Long 3 9 lb (1 77 kg) per pair and the Commercial Divers with Dry Suits Ankle Weights are 9 9 lb (4 5 kg) per pair.

Ankle Weights are an Important-Part of a Diver's Total-Weighting-System. If your Legs are too High then there will be Increased Drag. When your Legs are to High this will Slow-you-Down and Cause-Fatigue. Correct your Position with Ankle Weights Many Divers, Especially Women, have Short Waists. The Weights in your BC or on your Weight Belt are closer to your head than they are on divers with longer waists. Therefore, the Weight, Push-your-Upper-Body Down and your Legs Up, causing unnecessary Drag, Ankle Weights will take some of this Weight Off-the-Waist Area and will move it down to the Ankles, putting your body in a Correct-Horizontal-Position.

Dry Suit Divers frequently require Ankle Weights because the Legs of a Dry Suit are Filled with Air. The result is the Legs want to Float-Up. Durward Ankle Weights add Negative Buoyancy to the Ankles and help bring the Legs Down into a Correct-Horizontal-Position. The Durward Ankle Weights use Lead Shot for Ballast and a Durable Outer Nylon Cover with Side-Release Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckles.

The Durward Ankle Weights, (Pair) is commonly used for Cold Water, Recreation and more. The Durward Ankle Weights, (Pair) is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Durward Ankle Weights, (Pair): Comfortable, Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Solid Construction.

Durward Ankle Weights, (Pair) Features

  • Ankle Weights:
    Reduce Leg and Fin Buoyancy
    Minimizes Back-Stress for Safer, More Comfortable Dive
    Keeps Fins Submerged at the Surface
    Add Stability for Underwater Projects like Photography or Dive Instruction
  • Side-Release Squeeze-Style" Quick-Release Buckles
  • Easy Draining Delran Buckles Securely-Fasten Weights
  • Buckles Easily Released with One Hand
  • Durable Nylon Cover with Lead Shot for Ballast
  • Form-Fitting Design and Rugged Construction
  • Ankle Weights are an Important-Part of a Diver's Total-Weighting-System
  • Especially Useful with Dry Suits
  • Women with Short Waists: Redistributes Weight from Waist Area to Ankles for Better Trim
  • Weight Increments (Pair): 2 lb, 3 lb, 4 lb and 6 lbs (0.91, 1.36, 1.83 and 2.73 kg)

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