Anura Amphibious Scuba Notebook with Pencil 4" X 6"

Anura Amphibious Scuba Notebook with Pencil 4" X 6" Features

What's in the box: Amphibious Scuba Notebook, 15 Sheets, Pencil, Slate Backing with Snap Hook

If you are taking a specialty dive class or are on your way to becoming a dive professional and are enrolled in dive educator classes like Dive Master, Assistant Instructor or even Instructor, this is one valuable item to have How many times have you been underwater and thought "boy I wish I could write that down"? This is the product that will make wish a reality

The Anura Amphibious Notebook has 15 sheets (30 blank pages) of 100% waterproof tear-resistant and erasable paper Each sheet is thick and rigid, which makes them long lasting and easier to flip to the next side or sheet when wet The heavy bond material also keeps the sheets from flapping when a strong current is present The durable and sturdy writable hard-slate backing with pencil secure makes a great surface to back up the sheets and can also double as a standard dive slate if needed

You won't lose your pencil with the bungee attachment for the non-sharpening pencil, and you won't need to replace the notebook, with its durable secure long lasting spiral binding The notebook comes equipped with a snap hook to secure it to your gear

Key Features

  • 15 Sheets, 30 blank pages of 100% waterproof, tear-resistant and erasable paper
  • Each waterproof sheet is thick and rigid, making them longer lasting, easier to flip when wet and reduces flapping in strong currents
  • Durable and sturdy writable hard slate backing with built in secure pencil restrainer
  • Secure and long lasting plastic spiral binding
  • Bungee attached non sharpening pencil
  • Included black snap hook makes it easy to secure your notebook when not in use