Aqua Air Blow Gun Deluxe (AA03)

Aqua Air Blow Gun Deluxe (AA03) Features

If you own your own dive gear and cylinders this is a great item to add to your gear bag. Air Blow Gun attaches to your BCD Low Pressure Inflator Hose allowing you to blow dry your regulator cylinder and other items before you stow them for the next dive, or better yet before you put all that wet sandy gear in the trunk of your car for the ride home. Make clean up easier with this handy Blow Gun, can be used with any scuba tank.

Air Blow Gun can also be real handy in the garage or home for clearing dust, sawdust, equipment, tools etc. Easy to use just attach it to your Regulator LP Inflator Hose and turn on your cylinder air. To activate air just press the lever trigger and a stream of over 100 psi of air will clean up or dry off anything quickly and efficiently.

Key Features

  • Great for Dive Gear Preventative Maintenance
  • Handy Around the Garage and Home
  • Easy to Use Lever Trigger Activated
  • Attaches to Standard Regulator Inflator Hose
  • Great Item to have in Gear Bag