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Jellyfish Sting Relief (1 oz.)

Jellyfish Sting Relief (1 oz.) Features

Jellyfish Sting Relief (1 oz.)
Keep the Jellyfish Sting Relief (1 oz.) with you, when you have even the slightest chance of encountering a jelly fish. This Jelly Sting Relief is a gel that was especially formulated with ammonia and baking soda that provides immediate relief on contact - taking the burning, itching and swelling out of jelly fish stings. This biodegradable gel also helps prevent ugly scarring from fire ant bites. The sooner you apply sting gel after being stung, the sooner you will get relief. It also works well on insect bites of all kinds, and irritations from poisonous plants. It comes with a rub on applicator, so you can easily apply the gel without any inconvenience. Get the Jellyfish Sting Relief (1 oz.) to protect yourself and your loved ones during fun-filled outdoor activities.

Key Features

  • New Fire Ant, Jellyfish and Bee
  • Wasp Sting Treatment
  • Provides Immediate
  • Effective Relief
  • Promotes Healing
  • Helps Prevent Scaring from Fire Ant Bites