Aluminum Reel with Tension & Locking System

Aluminum Reel with Tension & Locking System Features

What's in the box: Aluminum Reel with Line and Bolt Snap

In the early days of Cave Diving, Reels were not available to buy off the shelf. Divers used anything they could, including Empty Electrical Wire Spools. When Exploring, Divers would Pay-Out the Line and if they didn't Empty-the-Spool it would be left in the Cave for the Next Dive. Aqua's Aluminum Primary Reel is a Large Diver's Reel designed for Cave and Wreck Diving. The Reel is available with 2-Line Lengths of 150' or 250' (45 74 or 76 2 meters) of Nylon 0 079" (2 mm). Thick Line, has a Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Anodized Frame, Plastic Spool, Spring Loaded Slide Gate Swivel Bolt Snap, and Drag System.

The Reel Position the Handle On-Top, which helps Divers who use a Handheld Light to hold Both-the-Light-and-the-Reel in One-Hand, Freeing the other Hand to Work the Reel. Reel has Large-Tension Adjustment Control Knob which is Easy-to-Use with Gloved Hands, and helps prevent Bird-Nesting and Back-Lash of the Line. Reel is Ideal for Lift Bag Deployment.

Key Features

  • Aluminum Primary Reel
  • Large Diver's Reel Designed for Cave and Wreck Diving
  • 2-Line Lengths of 150' or 250' (45.74 or 76.2 meters)
  • 0.079" (2 mm) Thick Line
  • Corrosion Resistant Aluminum Anodized Frame
  • Corrosion Proof Plastic Spool
  • Spring Loaded Steel Slide Gate Swivel Bolt Snap
  • Drag System
  • Handle On-Top for Holding Handheld Light and Reel in One-Hand
  • Frees Other Hand to Work the Reel
  • Large-Tension Adjustment Control Knob, Easy-to-Use with Gloved Hands
  • Tension Adjustment Control Knob: Prevents Bird-Nesting and Back-Lash of Line
  • Ideal for Lift Bag Deployment