Air Buddy Alternate Air Source for First Stage Pony Reg.

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About Air Buddy Alternate Air Source for First Stage Pony Reg.

Air Buddy is the modern alternate air source. It is the smallest, safest and most convenient alternate air source on the market today. First introduced in 1996, it has become widely used by government agencies, sport divers around the world and commercial diving entities. The Air Buddy gives you 20% more breathing time on a bottle of air than any other alternate air source.

The Air Buddy is a miniature regulator second stage from which all the complicated and delicate parts have been removed, leaving only one moving part, the tilt valve. In a normal second stage, inhaling causes the diaphragm to move inward, pressing a lever which opens the needle valve allowing air from the low pressure hose to flow into your mouth. We replaced the needle valve with a heavy duty tilt valve in the Air Buddy. To open the tilt valve in the Air Buddy, you simply squeeze the mouthpiece with a biting movement of your mouth.

That releases the air from the low pressure hose, giving you PPAS. Positive Pressure Air Source means that your mouth will be flooded with air at a higher pressure than that of the water around you, no matter what your depth may be, forcing the water out of your mouth and allowing you to breathe. You stop the air by relaxing your pressure on the mouthpiece.

It comes with an adapter to mount directly onto a regulator 1st stage to use for a super pony bottle.

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