Aquatec Alternate Regulator/Inflator with Sub Alert unit

Aquatec Alternate Regulator/Inflator with Sub Alert unit Features

What's in the box: Air-3 Unit, Low Pressure Hose

The Aquatec Air-3 Inflator replaces the conventional BC power inflator and second stage octopus by combining the functions of both into a single unit. It also is unique in that it also incorporates the Sub-Alert underwater horn. When you're taught how to dive you are given practice in buoyancy control more than any other skill. Once you start to dive every time you go underwater, fin the reef, or surface you use buoyancy control.

All this time your octopus second stage regulator hangs un-used and out of mind.When a real life out-of-air situation occurs, the stress and anxiety mounts, and you find yourself fumbling for a piece of equipment you never use the Octopus! Combining your inflator devise (that you use on every dive) with your octopus Regulator assures your ability to react properly when an out-of-air emergency occurs. Be a safe diver with the Aquatec Air-3 Breathable Inflator with Sub-Alert underwater horn.

The Sub-Alert horn works both underwater and on the surface. Activation of the horn requires only a very small amount of air from your cylinder. The volume is very high at 110-120 dB. Approximated surface range is about 0.50 miles. Every Air-3 unit's regulator is measured and factory tuned to the prefect breathing resistance

Key Features

  • Eliminates a Hose
  • Combines Power Inflator, Octopus and Underwater/Surface Horn
  • Streamlines Your Profile Underwater
  • Easier to Use then Octopus
  • Increase Safety of Diving
  • Unique Signal Devise