500-PSI : Picture 1 regular $6.95

About 500 PSI Wet/Dry Suit Slide, 2 fl oz (59 ml)

500 PSI Wet/Dry Suit Slide allows you to Slide-into-your-Wetsuit/Dry Suit Wet or Dry. If you Wear-a-Wetsuit Spray 500 PSI Slide Spray on Top of your Hands, Arms, Shoulders, Legs and Feet, then Simply Slide-into-your-Wetsuit. Another Option is to Spray-Liberally Inside-the-Suit just before pulling it on. If you wear a Dry Suit Spray-Inside of Neck, Wrist and if equipped with Ankle Seals and then Slide your Dry Suit on Easily.

Slide Spray dissipates in 3-5 minutes and is Non Toxic. Not only will you're Suit Go-On-Easily you will be Protecting-It from Unwanted Stress to Suit Seams and Materials. 500 PSI Wet/Dry Suit Slide comes in a convenient 2 fl oz (59 ml) Pump Spray Applicator.

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