500-PSI Mask Defog 2 oz.

500-PSI Mask Defog 2 oz. Features

What's in the box: 500-PSI Mask Defog

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500 PSI Mask Defog is without question the Clearest, Longest Acting and Most Effective Defog on the market. One-Application Works for at least three dives in one day. Cleans your Mask each time you use it. Wet or Dry Application, has the Consistency of Extra-Thick Toothpaste, and when applied to the lens typically lasts all day long. 500-PSI Mask Defog comes in 2 or 4 fl oz (59 or 60 ml) size with a 2 fl oz (30 ml) available with a Carabiner Clip.

Key Features

  • De-Fogs Sports Lenses
  • Great for Snorkel or Dive Masks
  • Also Useful for Glasses and Goggles
  • Clearest Longest Acting Defogger
  • One Application/Three Dives
  • Cleans Lens Each Time
  • Wet or Dry Application
  • Applicator: Spray
  • Content: 2 or 4 fl oz (59 or 118 ml)
  • 2 fl oz (59 ml) Available with Carabiner Clip