200 ft Viz Mask Defog 1 oz.

200 ft Viz Mask Defog 1 oz. Features

A fogging mask can really ruin a dive! Always use a quality mask defogger that has been especially developed for defogging and is versatile. 200 ft. Viz defog is the one for you. It won't burn your eyes, so its also great for the kids mask swim goggles or glasses. It's safe for use with contact lens, work in warm or cold water, and goes on clear with no messy fog!

Key Features

  • Will not burn your eyes.
  • Contact lens safe.
  • Works in warm or cold water.
  • Goes on clear-no messy fog.
  • Works on masks, goggles, mirrors, windshields, safety glasses, sun glasses, eye glasses.
  • Use only a dot for inside and out!
  • Gel consistency-can be used underwater.