200 ft Viz Equipment Wash 4 oz.

200 ft Viz Equipment Wash 4 oz. Features

One of the worst things that can happen when you are getting ready to dive is opening your bag only to find out your gear smells less than fresh. Make sure you have the right cleaning product not only to prevent unsavory odors from lingering on your gear, but to protect your equipment from dry rot, mildew and bacteria growth. The special conditioners in the Viz Equipment Wash formula keep suits smelling clean and fresh longer than any other product, with a great green apple scent.

Key Features

  • Special Conditioners keep Suits smelling Clean & Fresh longer Than any other Product
  • Great Green Apple Scent
  • Longer Acting than Any Other Product
  • Protects from Dry Rot, Mildew and Bacteria Growth
  • 4 oz Container of Wash
  • Prolongs Equipment Life