Open End Fixed Brass Bolt Snap, Like Dive Rite #1008

Dive Rite
SKU: AQU1008 MFR: RS1008-B

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About Open End Fixed Brass Bolt Snap, Like Dive Rite #1008

We always need to attach more stuff to our equipment to free up our hands when we need them One of the worst situations is when hanging off either a reef hook or a decompression/safety stop line when a current is present Sometimes you feel like your arm is going to be pulled out of its socket if you have to hang on any longer Having the proper snap clip can make a big difference

An Open End Fixed Brass Bolt Snap Clip is probably the best type for the scenario above The bolt snap end allows positive retention to your equipment and the open end allows quick attachment to a line without fiddling with a mechanism to secure it Now you only need to hold the line to maintain your depth without the stressful feeling that your arm is getting pulled from its socket

Snap clip can also be handy when surfacing under the boat Snap allows quick attachment of game bag or other accessory like a spear gun to a hanging line Having a few spare brass clips in your gear bag is a must for the serious diver This Open End Fixed Brass Eye Bolt Snap Clip can be utilized in many applications Brass material is corrosion resistant for durability and long life Bolt snap clip is great Save-A-Dive Kit item Buy several so you're never caught short handed on a dive

Open End Fixed Brass Bolt Snap, Like Dive Rite #1008 Features

  • Corrosive Resistant Marine Grade Brass Construction
  • Great for Use with Reef Hook or Decompression/Safety Stop Line
  • Open End Fixed Spring Loaded Bolt Snap
  • Great for Attaching Accessories While Boarding a Boat
  • Great Save-A-Dive Kit Item
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