Apollo 4.0 EX Dry Suit Mens, Black

Apollo 4.0 EX Dry Suit Mens, Black Features

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Apollo's 4 0 Microcell neoprene has 20% smaller bubbles than conventional neoprene Rather than crushing material to decrease density: Microcell is produced by blowing a gas, generally nitrogen, into the liquefied rubber to make a foam Utilizing this thinner more flexible material provides you with a suit that swims like a tropical wetsuit; yet yields a warmth factor similar to that of a bulkier 6 5mm suit

Versatility Perfect by itself in temperate waters, or wear a simple Polartec jumpsuit underneath to dive the cooler waters in winter Planning to dive in some really cold water? Our test divers layered it with expedition weight long underwear for a three hour exploration in the 39F/5C waters of Japan's Ryusen-do Caves

The foot valves are designed to keep air from getting trapped in the boot They are so compact you'll hardly notice they are there Yet the are sensitive enough to compensate for pressure changes as small as one inch by automatically releasing air

Key Features

  • Exclusive patented mini foot valves
  • Super EX valve
  • 360 degree inlet valve
  • 4.0mm microcell neoprene
  • Tough knee pads & low profile boots
  • Integrated suspenders
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Dive under a wide range of conditions
  • Custom like tailoring in a stock suit

Warranty Information

This product has a limited lifetime warranty.

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