Apollo Bio-Filter Refill Kit (1 Wick 3 Filters)

Apollo Bio-Filter Refill Kit (1 Wick 3 Filters) Features

What's in the box: 3 Filters, 1 Wick

With each breath taken on land, your body will naturally release and replenish humidity. The average humidity level worldwide is approximately 70%. Compressed air for a tank has a humidity level of less than 0.1%. During a dive, we continue to release humidity. However, each intake of dry air from a tank deprives the lungs and body of moisture replenishment. This unnatural lack of humidity is very hard on your body.

The most obvious result of the loss is dry throat and cottonmouth. Apollo's Bio-Filter and A-110 moisture systems will increase tank air humidity 30-70%. Normalizing the humidity level in your air supply will reduce and in most cases eliminate the negative effects of breathing dry air. The moisture wick is constructed of high-density foam and the activated charcoal filters also filter trace particles of dust, rust, and odors from your tank air. Keep your filter systems working with this refill kit, containing three filters and one moisture wick.

Key Features

  • Replaces filters and wick from Apollo Bio-Filter Regulator Moisture System
  • Contains three filters and one wick.
  • Preserves perfect working condition of your Apollo Bio-Filter system.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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