Apollo Bio Control Aircross BCD

Apollo Bio Control Aircross BCD Features

What's in the box: Bio-Control Bcd, Bio-Tank Lock, The absolute best tank retention system!

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Apollo Bio Control performance

- Bio tank lock
Setting the air tank is very easy 100kg of tightening torque Buckle is made from sturdy metal

- SOLID LOCK (option)
Weight pack is able to set easily in the BC Once fastened the weight pack on the BC is hard to undo When removing the weight pack, pull the string down gently

- Back pocket
bio control has 2 pocket weights on the back Each pocket can store 2kg weights

- Large volume pocket
bio control has a large capacity pocket Many diving things are storable in the wide gusset pocket

- Expandable buckle
Expandable buckle holds diver's body no matter the depth

- Chest belt

Key Features

  • Direct Harness system for optimum balance and fit. Includes solid back plate with thick spine pad to support tank and increase comfort for your back.
  • Padded cummerbund is perfectly shaped and with built with a self compensating buckle to maintain a snug fit when your suit compresses at depth.
  • Integrated weight system for improved distribution of weight and comfort. Weightpouches accommodate both bar and soft pack pouches.
  • Apollo's time tested inflator has be in use with our top systems for over two decades.
  • Three air release options including shoulder and rear dump valves for optimum control.
  • Oversized pockets and zippers can hold a variety of items including our stowable snorkel. Bungee system keeps vest streamlined and reduces drag.
  • Includes our patented bio-tank lock. The absolute best tank retention system! tem!

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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