Apollo Underwater Propulsion Vehicle AV-2 Evolution Scooter, Yellow

Apollo Underwater Propulsion Vehicle AV-2 Evolution Scooter, Yellow Features

What's in the box: AV2 EVOLUTION Scooter, Saddle, Battery, and Charger

Apollo has manufactured the original AV-1 for over twenty years It is recognized as one of the most reliable diver propulsion vehicles in the world

The NEW AV-2 underwater vehicle is Built for serious underwater explorers The new AV-2 scooter is depth rated to 230' (tested to 300') and can run up to 100 minutes That's more than double the average run time of the previous model Choose between the new increased voltage Lead-Acid battery or for more extensive diving the Nickel Metal Hydrate (Ni-MH) With all that time to burn you can get distracted The new battery life indicator will come in handy

Complete control of speed is now at your finger tips Travel at up to 2 5 miles per hour The new variable speed trigger works with the Hands Free Riding saddle (included) for smooth acceleration from full stop to top speed Riding hands free gives you freedom to explore new sites and new diving styles Twist and turn like a dolphin, soar like a manta ray or make use of the tow bars to take along a couple friends and extra gear

Which model is right for you?
Each vehicle comes complete with saddle, re-usable packaging, and your choice of Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) or Nickel Metal Hydrate (Ni-MH) battery and charger set SLA version also includes a plate for proper weighting of unit Plate is quick to install or remove as needed Batteries are interchangeable A switch mechanism on the interior wall of cover allows you to use either battery type with same vehicle Chargers are specific to battery type

Model Options Ni-MH
- Battery type, Ni-MH 22Ah (DC24V)
- Avg run per charge, 100 minutes
- Recharge time, 6-8 hours
- Charger, Ni-MH /AV2 specific
- Weight plate, Not for use with Ni-MH

Model Options SLA
- Battery type, SLA 10Ah (DC24V)
- Avg run per charge, 60 minutes
- Recharge time, 6-8 hours
- Charger, SLA/AV2 specific
- Weight plate, Included

Chargers, batteries, and plugs are for use with AV-2 system only Attempting to install or use with previous model will result in damage Likewise the retired AV-1 battery and plug system should not be installed or used with AV-2

Key Features

  • Variable speed trigger
  • Battery life indicator
  • Hands Free Saddle

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.

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