Aquapac Silica Gel Sachets

Aquapac Silica Gel Sachets Features

What's in the box: 5 Silica Gel Sachets

Aquapac Silica Gel Sachets
The Aquapac Silica Gel Sachets are designed to diminish your constant worries of humidity affecting portable electronic gadgets or around the house. As a harmless absorbent, each sachet keeps moisture out, while ensuring that the product is safe for use. It is environment friendly and easy to dispose after used. The sachets remove odors resulting from excess humidity. The silica gel does not cause secondary harmful effects wherever it is used. Thanks to this product, you have an easy and cheaper way to protect all your electronic devices even when you are travelling. Composed of desiccants to efficiently absorb the condensed water droplets, formed during to adverse weather conditions, the Sachets extend the life of your electronic components. Weighing all of 0.1 lbs., they are light and easy to store. They come in a set of 5 sachets for customer convenience. Buy the Aquapac Silica Gel Sachets and begin moisture protection immediately!

Key Features

  • Aquapac Silica Gel Sachets
  • Contains 5 Sachets
  • Remove Un-Wanted Moisture
  • Protects Delicate Electronics from Moisture
  • Recommended for All Aquapac Cases