Aquapac Waterproof Large Whanganui Case

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  • Easily floats
  • High-frequency welded seams
  • Injection-molded plastic seal
  • Allows iPad s touchscreen use
  • Ensures protection from dust and more
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About Aquapac Waterproof Large Whanganui Case

The Aquapac Waterproof Large Whanganui Electronics Case ensures protection and portability. This product is designed to provide you with a sturdy case, built with durable materials that protect your personal items whenever you travel. Its stylish design features a clear front, allowing you to easy view your stuff, making it easy to choose find what you need. The Aquapac Waterproof Large Whanganui Electronics Case is ideal to use in all weather conditions, it resists weather between +122°F to -40°F (50°C to -38°C) to ensure long-lasting use. Its sturdy construction and waterproof features allows it to withstand 15' (4.6 meters) into water and if you accidentally let your case go, it's floating capabilities brings your Whanganui Electronics Case back to the surface. This case is built with recyclable 100% PVC-Free material, which delivers a soft and malleable structure for comfortable carrying and handling. Now you can enjoy your swimming and snorkeling activities, among others, with the security of having your personal items protected. Don t look any further, buy the Aquapac Waterproof Large Whanganui Electronics Case today.

The case seams are high-frequency (RF) welded and the case uses the patented Aquaclip ultra secure rustproof, injected molded plastic seal that opens and closes with a simple twist of two levers. The case has a device compatibility measuring (Circumference x H) 17.3" x 11.5" (44cm x 29.5cm).The case will also provide your device with protection from dust, dirt and sand. The case weighs 5.2 oz. (147 g) and lanyard 2 oz. (56 g). Case is manufactured from Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) and has an IPX8 Waterproof Rating.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 60 months.
(516) 628-8486

Aquapac Waterproof Large Whanganui Case Features

  • Aquapac Waterproof Medium Whanganui Electronics Case
  • Case Ensures Protection and Portability
  • Resists Weather Between +122°F to -40°F (50°C to -38°C)
  • Suitable for:
    Pool or Beach
    Snorkeling or Swimming
    Snow Skiing
    Kayaking or Whitewater Rafting
    Rock Climbing
  • Durable Radio Frequency (RF) Welded Seams
  • Depth Rated to 15' (5 meters) for Up to 30 Minutes
  • IPX8 Waterproof Rating
  • Durable Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) with LEZFLEX Lens Window
  • Seams: High-Frequency (RF) Welded
  • Aqua-Clip: Patented, Ultra-Secure, Rustproof, Injection-Molded Plastic Seal
  • Seal: Opens/Closes with Simple Twist of 2-Levers
  • Protection from Dust, Dirt and Sand
  • Includes Lanyard for Maximum Adaptability
  • Device Compatibility Measuring: (Circumference x H) 17.3" x 11.5" (44cm x 29.5cm)
  • Weight:
    Case: 5.2 oz. (147 g)
    Lanyard: 2 oz. (56 g)
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