Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case


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About Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case

The Key features of the Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case

  • Dust-tight and sand-proof
  • 100%-Waterproof
  • Case doesn t interrupt signal
  • No volume loss
  • Left and right hand antenna radios
  • Submersible up to 15 feet
  • Floatable
  • Straight signal
  • UV stabilized TPU material
  • Adjustable neck cord
  • Compact Size
Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case
For design, mobility, and performance, choose the Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case. This dependable product gives you the opportunity to accurately communicate when you are at the pool, lake, or even at sea. Its 100% waterproof construction protects your radio from direct contact with water. Its dust-tight and sand-proof features also give extra protection for your radio. The case is manufactured for superior durability and reliable performance. The sturdy materials don't interrupt your radio signals and provide minimal volume loss. Its stylish design allows you to use both left and right hand antenna radios for your convenience. It is built with a UV stabilized TPU material that resists the harshest weather conditions to prevent breakdown or discoloration caused by direct sunlight. This product is submersible up to 15 feet for added protection for your radio. It comes with a useful adjustable neck cord that grants easy portability. Buy the Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case for easy communication everywhere you go.

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 60 months.
(516) 628-8486

Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case Features

  • Dust-tight and sand-proof and 100%-Waterproof to 15ft/5m (IP68)
  • Use your radio normally in the case - sound passes through with little or no loss of volume
  • Minimal volume loss
  • Suitable for both left & right hand antenna radios
  • Guaranteed submersible to 5 meters (15 feet)
  • It will float with your radio inside
  • Sound transmits straight through the TPU material
  • The UV stabilized TPU material won't breakdown or become discolored by sunlight
  • It comes with an adjustable neck cord so you can hang it round your neck
  • It comes with Aquapac 3-year global warranty
  • Dimensions: Maximum size of equipment to fit in case
  • Length of Radio body: 7 in / 175 mm
  • Length of Radio body including antenna: 13 in / 330 mm
  • Circumference: 7.6 in / 195 mm

Aquapac Waterproof VHF Classic Small Case Specifications

Overall Length (Radio Body)
Overall Length (With Antenna)
Aqua Clip
Body Material
Uv Stabilized Tpu Fabric
Case Type
Waterproof Vhf Case
Neck Cord
Yes, Up To 15Ft
Waterproof Rating
Mfr #
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