Amer-Sea Search TCB-25 BCD

Amer-Sea Search TCB-25 BCD Features

The Search TCB-25 incorporates many features requested by Public Safety Divers, both Police and Fire Department dive teams

Abrasion Protection:
MORE PROTECTION than ANY other BC on the market! 2,600 denier, with 2 layers of heavy duty protection 1,600 denier material over the entire outside of the 1,000 denier air-cell

Attachment Points:
You have more flexibility than any other BC on the market! Use the attachment webbing (4 bar-tacked bands) Attach tools, lights, knives, etc in any angle you want Attachment webbing also on right shoulder Several D-rings are located in the front where you can control them

Large Cargo Pockets
Pockets are large enough to actually get your hand inside to grab tools, light, etc even big enough to stow your octopus to reduce entanglement hazard Keeps mud & gook out of the octopus

Crotch strap, stability
Steady as she goes The two legged straps have the elastic wraps to help keep the excess strap from floating around You may want to shorten (i e cut) it to reduce length of loose ends One clip in rear with two straps between the legs

2 tank bands the hard pack is designed for only one tank band If it is properly secured, it is the only one you need Amer-Sea has added a security belt for the tank Now you have 2 bands for attaching some pony bottle straps

Your choice - Weight integrated or NOT?
If you want weight pockets, you're in luck! They are already set up Or, easily convert them to secure cargo pockets

Sizes & Lift:
Medium = 45 lb ,
Large = 50 Lb ,
X-Large through XXX-Large = 55 lb

The Amer-Sea Search TCB-25 BCD is commonly used for Professional and more. The Amer-Sea Search TCB-25 BCD is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Amer-Sea Search TCB-25 BCD: Comfortable, Durable, Lots Of Features.

Key Features

  • Air-Cell Protection - extra 1,600 Denier Cover
  • Snag Protection - reduced straps flapping
  • 2 Tank Bands - cam band and safety strap
  • Large Pockets - large enough for an octopus
  • Weight Integrated - or convert to cargo pocket
  • Tool Attachment - any angle attachment