Air Line Add A Diver Hookah Package 100'

Air Line Add A Diver Hookah Package 100' Features

What's in the box: One 60' or 100' diver hose ,Adjustable Hookah Specific Regulator, Fully rotational 360 degree regulator swivel fitting,Tow Belt,6 Pocket Weight Belt, Y-adapter with Seals ,SS mesh particle filters

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You purchased an Air Line Hookah Compressor System and want to add additional diver capabilities to share the fun (or Chore) Add-A-Diver 60' and Add-A-Divert 100' with the high performance of all Air Line systems, adding additional divers is easy with this complete Add-A-Diver Hookah Package. Breathing is smooth and easy with Air Lines Adjustable Hookah-Specific Second-Stage Regulator. Regulator has diver adjustment knobs to fine tune the breathing resistance, and a fully rotational 360- Swivel to eliminate any regulator pulling like with a Standard Scuba System.

60' fully swiveled dive hose, a tow belt to tether the umbilical hoses to your body and a weight belt to maintain proper buoyancy. A "Y"-Adapter and seals is also supplied to connect Add-A-Diver to your existing system.

Comes With Tow Belt and a separate 6 Pocket Weight Belt with Velcro Pockets. Each pocket inthe weight belt can hold up to a 3 lb soft (shot) weight or up to a 5 lb solid weight.

Key Features

  • Allows Multiple Diver Use
  • Complete Add-A-Diver Package
  • Safety of a Dive Buddy
  • Share the Fun or Chore
  • Adjustable Hookah-Specific 2nd-Stage
  • Fully Rotational 360° Regulator Swivel

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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