Akona Azione Full Foot Fins

Akona Azione Full Foot Fins Features

The NEW Azione fin from AKONA utilizes the patented Optimal Pivot Blade (OPB) technology to increase kick efficiency, minimize fatigue and maximize acceleration. Effortless propulsion with optimum thrust. The OPB incorporates a perfect balance of blade curvature and flex properties to provide superb thrust. The OPB hinge point quickly adjusts to the blades angle of attack, giving you maximum forward momentum and exceptional thrust.

The full foot design makes this fin the perfect design for the traveling Scuba Diver that is looking to eliminate the wet suit booties and lighten the travel load without sacrificing efficiency when fining. A comfortable and ergonomically designed foot pocket will give you hours of fining on Scuba or when Snorkeling.

The Akona Azione Full Foot Fins is commonly used for Snorkeling, SCUBA and more. One reason why the Akona Azione Full Foot Fins is popular is because of its Comfortable.

Key Features

  • Full-Foot Fin Design
  • Patented Optimal Pivot Blade (OPB) Technology
  • Great Scuba Travel Fin
  • Ergonomic and Comfortable Foot Pocket

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.