AIRHEAD AHWR-5 Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope

AIRHEAD AHWR-5 Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope Features

What's in the box: Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope with Rope Keeper

AIRHEAD Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope
The Airhead Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope is the perfect companion for serious wakeboarders. The rope has breaded poly-e fusion jacket protection to keep it safe against all elements and weather conditions. This rope also has a tensile strength of 2000 lb. to ensure no course-deviation during harsh weather. It comes with a crisper response to ensure better handling during tough races. Its 15 in. EVA grip is clearly visible to the eye, even when faced with ocean spray. This amazing rope is 70 ft. long, with three bright colored take-offs and a 5 ft. handle bridle, making it very easy to use. The Airhead rope comes with its own keeper to store it safely. The Airhead Spectra Fusion Wakeboard Rope helps you enjoy all your sporting adventures to the max!

Key Features

  • Crisp Response Rope
  • Professional Grade Non-Stretch Rope
  • 2,000 lbs (900 kg) Tensile Strength
  • Breaded Poly-E Fusion Jacket Protection
  • Stiff and Rigid Kink Resistant Line
  • 70' (21.3 meters) w/Three Take-Offs
  • 5' (1.5 meters) Handle Bridle
  • 15" (38 cm) EVA Eye Catching Grip
  • Rope Keeper

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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