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About AIRHEAD Line Winder

Airhead Line Winder
The Airhead Line Winder is a floating line winder, designed specifically to ensure that your ropes stay organized and untangled, whether in your basement or garage. Now you can neatly stow away anchor lines, mooring lines, ski ropes and tube ropes after each use, or when ready to store them for the winter. The Airhead line winder takes winding to an easier level of ultimate handling, maximum convenience and overall comfort. It is ideal for keeping your extension cords, clotheslines, Christmas lights untangled and ready to store in place. It has been constructed from high impact polypropylene, a hard plastic material for better durability and a long-lasting life. To make life easier and headache free from the clutter caused by long extension cords, hundreds of Christmas lights, anchor lines, ski ropes and clothes lines, purchase the Airhead Line Winder right away!

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
(800) 624-1297

AIRHEAD Line Winder Features

  • It's easy to wind and neatly stow away anchor lines, mooring lines, ski ropes and tube ropes
  • Floating Line Winder
  • Color: Red
  • Great for Extension Cords and Christmas Lights Too
  • High Impact Polypropylene Construction
  • Get a few for the garage too
  • Ropes not included

AIRHEAD Line Winder Specifications

0.57 Lbs
High Impact Polypropylene
Recommended Used
Extension Cords, Wires, Clotheslines And Christmas Lights
Weight [with packaging]
0.45 lb
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