AIRHEAD AHTH-8HD Heavy Duty 16' Tow Harness

AIRHEAD AHTH-8HD Heavy Duty 16' Tow Harness

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AIRHEAD AHTH-8HD Heavy Duty 16' Tow Harness Features

What's in the box: AIRHEAD Heavy Duty 16' (4.88 meters) Tow Harness

AIRHEAD AHTH-8HD Heavy Duty 16' Tow Harness
Get the AIRHEAD Heavy Duty 16' Tow Harness. It's the perfect tool for towing skiers, wake borders, and big 4-rider towable. Its equipped with extra heavy-duty hooks designed for hooking up to troublesome pontoon tow points. The harness is 16 ft. (4.88 m.) long with a heavy-duty tensile strength so that it can withstand being stretched or pulled across wide beams. To use, simply clip it onto your stern eyes and attach your rope to the heavy-duty Kwick-Connect. A 6 in. (15.2 cm.) float is also there so the harness will not get caught in your pontoon's propeller. And with a yellow/black design, the harness is easy to spot. Ensure the connection of your wake borders, big 4-rider towable, and the like to your pontoon easily. Opt for the heavy-duty AIRHEAD Heavy Duty 16' Tow Harness and get one today.

Key Features

  • Unbelievable heavy duty tensile strength
  • It's a must-have essential for enthusiastic skiers, wake boarders, and big 4 rider Towable
  • Heavy duty over sized hooks makes this extremely safe
  • Secure attachments easily using the heavy-duty Kwik-Connect
  • Perfectly equipped to be tied to even troublesome pontoon tow points
  • Extra long measuring 16' (4.88 meters) such that you will not require any other tow harness
  • An impressive 6" (15.2 cm.) Float assuring that the Kwik Connect will float away from your boat's propeller
  • The yellow and black color combination make it easily visible and difficult to lose
  • It is strong and durable making this trustworthy and ensures complete safety for the adventurer in you

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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