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What's in the box: 16 oz (473.2 ml) Squirt Bottle

The AIRHEAD BOOT GOO delivers dependable ski and wakeboard performance. This is a product manufactured not to harm our planet, since it features an environmentally safe non-hazardous formula that won t damage water, its wildlife, or yourself, so you can enjoy hours of fun with the confidence that you are doing your part in protecting the environment. This is created to save you time when putting on your water ski or wakeboard and reduces wear and tear to bindings, delivering long-lasting performance for your convenience. Easy to apply, it dissipates as soon as you enter the water, adding an extra ecologically friendly quality to this product, because no chemicals will be left on the lake, river or sea that you are visiting. It is designed in a compact size, so you can comfortable carry it with you anytime you want to hit the ocean. For an exciting and environmentally friendly experience, use this AIRHEAD BOOT GOO.

Key Features

  • This AIRHEAD BOOT GOO is created with an environmentally safe non-hazardous formula
  • It saves time while putting on your water ski and helps reduce wear and tear to bindings
  • The AIRHEAD BOOT GOO comes in a 16 oz. squeeze bottle
  • It dissipates as soon as you enter water

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 12 months.
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