AGA ABV-1 Valve for AGA Masks

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Product Highlights:

  • Breath in ambient air with mask in place
  • Helps conserve tank air supply
  • Designed for AGA full face mask (FFM)
  • Prevents carbon dioxide buildup in mask
  • Easy to install and simple to use
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About AGA ABV-1 Valve for AGA Masks

Full Face Masks (FFM) are a great style of diving face mask used when radio communication equipment is essential to the diving operation and to lower the exposure of the diver's face to cold or polluted water. Many rescue divers, police and other government diving teams use this type of face mask in their operations. One problem is how fast the divers can be ready to get in the water. Delaying a diver from quickly entering the water can make a difference in the outcome of that operation, so diver readiness can be paramount. The ABV-1 (Ambient Breathing Valve) allows the user to breathe ambient air at the surface, conserving the divers tank air with the mask in place, thus keeping the diver ready to go at a moment's notice. The ABV is simple to use and its low profile allows for keeps the diver streamlined.

To use the ABV-1 while on the surface, simply rotate the valve counterclockwise. The one way valve will open and allow air into the FFM. The one way valve located on the inside of the FFM ensures that your exhaled air does not go back out the valve, but is instead routed through the second stage regulator, ensuring you do not get a Co2 "building" in the FFM. If you forget to turn the valve clockwise to close it before entering the water, the valve is forced closed when diving. The over pressure in the FFM assures the valve will close, and the valve disc prevents water from entering the mask.

Even when the valve is fully open, the profile changes only slightly. When the valve is open the diver breathes normally, and will notice little effort in breathing, while conserving tank air. The ABV-1 is a must for all Search & Rescue Teams, Military Divers and Divers who spend a lot of the time in the water!

AGA ABV-1 Valve for AGA Masks Features

  • Allows Breathing of Ambient Air with Mask in Place
  • Conserve Tank Air Supply
  • Designed for AGA Full Face Mask (FFM)
  • Durable Construction and Materials
  • Simple to Use
  • Operation: to Breath, Rotate Valve Counterclockwise, Close Valve: Rotate Fully Clockwise
  • NOT a Snorkel!
  • Check Valve: Allows Air-to-Enter Valve Only
  • Air is Exhaled-Out the Regulator
  • Check Valve: Prevents Gas from Escaping via ABV if Open Underwater
  • Low Profile in Open or Closed Position
  • Prevents Carbon Dioxide Buildup in Mask
  • Easy to Install
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