Aeris XR-2 Computer Console

Aeris XR-2 Computer Console Features

What's in the box: Online Class, Computer, Pressure Gauge, HP Hose, Owner's Manual

Have you ever spent a dive staring at your computer instead of looking at everything in the water all because your computer is hard to read? The XR-2's enlarged digits, easy-to-read icons, and split screen take the guesswork out of reading your dive computer Also, the XR-2 allows you to decide what information displays; now you can customize the display to include only the things you want to keep an eye on during your dives The XR-2 is an air, nitrox or gauge mode computer, has backlighting, and incorporates audible alarms with flashing LED warning light

Variable ascent rate indicator will keep you safe upon ascent and slow you down progressively as you head to the surface Safety stop timer will give you the ability to include the all important 15' (5 meter) safety stop which is recommended by all instructional agencies Aeris Dive Computers are designed with color-coded bar graphs; grey, yellow and red These graphs monitor three very important diving parameters; nitrogen accumulation, oxygen loading and your personal ascent rate Pixels build up in each of these color-coded areas to give you a quick, easy reference of these parameters Proper monitoring of these graphs allows you to select the personal degree of conservatism you wish to build into each dive, putting you in control of your margin of safety

The XR-2 features time of day on the surface as well as underwater for quick reference Time and date stamp also helps you to easily identify specific dives in Log Mode or PC download memory All Aeris computers automatically compensate for altitude up to 14,000' (4,267 meters), giving adjusted no-decompression times and depths They even automatically recalibrate the depth display for freshwater instead of seawater The XR-2 computer features diver replaceable CR240 batteries This can be a real trip-saver on board a live-aboard boat! An added benefit to diver replaceable batteries is the hot-swap" feature allows you to change batteries between dives while maintaining all calculations The XR-2 features a watertight, plug-in serial connection for fast and reliable PC download Feature-rich software provides intuitive post-dive analysis and logging You have the option to add and/or edit many pieces of information to customize your log book, with data such as depth and decompression status during a dive, maximum depth, bottom time, no-decompression status, descent and ascent rate, surface interval, and any violations recorded automatically The XR-2 has a operational depth limit as a computer to 330' (100 meters), and as an advance depth gauge to 399' (122 meters) Other features of the XR-2 are temperature on surface and underwater, simulator and dive planner, set units of measure, and much more

Any diver will agree that an air supply is the most important part of scuba diving - right next to water, of course The pressure gauge included in the Aeris XR-2 Computer Console won't let you down It accurately reports your remaining air pressure, and the pressure gauge is easy to read due to its contemporary display Pressure gauge is also equipped with a thermometer to monitor both water and air temperature Pressure gauge has a luminescent dial for ease of reading in low light or night diving conditions

The XR-2 and pressure gauge come with Aeris 30 day satisfaction guarantee, a 24 month limited warranty and a comprehensive owner's manual If you are in the market for a small, but still easy-to-read dive computer that is compatible with air and nitrox, look no further than the AERIS XR-2
Due to MFG restrictions, this can be sold to the USA and Caribbean only

The Aeris XR-2 Computer Console is commonly used for Recreation, Warm Water, Cold Water, Professional, All Diving Applications and more. The Aeris XR-2 Computer Console is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver, Recreational Diver among others. The Aeris XR-2 Computer Console is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Aeris XR-2 Computer Console : Easy To Operate, Easy To Read, Lots Of Functions, Reliable, Easy To Use, Functional, Improves Diving Experience, Solid Construction.

Key Features

  • Computer Features:
  • Air, nitrox and Gauge Operating Modes (nitrox compatible from 21% to 50%)
  • Customize Information Displayed on Dive with Press of a Button
  • Water or Push Button Activation
  • Diver Replaceable CR2450 Battery
  • Hot Swap Memory Allows Battery Change between Dives
  • Modified Haldanean / DSAT Database
  • Safety Stop Prompt
  • 12 Dive Log Book
  • Dive Time Remaining
  • Over Sized Digits
  • User Friendly Mode Icons
  • Time Stamp
  • 24 Hour Fly Countdown Auto Altitude Compensating
  • Calculated De-Saturation
  • Depth Dependant Ascent Rate
  • Computer Mode: 330' (100 meters), Gauge Mode: 399' (122 meters) Depth Readouts
  • Backlighting
  • Owner's Manual
  • Pressure Gauge Features:
  • 0 to 5000 psi Read Out
  • Contemporary, Easy-to-Read Display
  • Large Gauge Face
  • Luminescent Gauge Dial
  • Thermometer
  • 7/16" Threaded Hose
  • Console come with 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and a 2 Year Limited Warranty

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 647-0605 Ext# 764