Aeris XR-1 Wrist Computer

Aeris XR-1 Wrist Computer Features

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The AERIS XR-1 is an ideal, user-friendly diving computer for those who prefer wrist-mounted computer gear

Stop missing the eye-catching sea life during your dives because you're staring at a hard-to-read dive computer The XR-1's enlarged digits, easy-to-read icons, and split screen take the guesswork out of reading your dive computer Also, the XR-1 allows you to decide what information displays; now you can customize the display to include only the things you want to keep an eye on during your dives

XR-1 Introduction
XR-1 Settings
XR-1 No Deco Dive
XR-1 DecoDive
XR-1 Post Dive

The Aeris XR-1 Wrist Computer is commonly used for Recreation, Warm Water, Cold Water, Extreme Depths, Professional and more. The Aeris XR-1 Wrist Computer is most used by customers who consider themselves to be a Advanced Diver, Recreational Diver, Beginner, Divemaster among others. The Aeris XR-1 Wrist Computer is popular because customers like the following qualities of the Aeris XR-1 Wrist Computer : Easy To Operate, Easy To Read, Reliable, Lots Of Functions.

Key Features

  • Optional water-activation mode
  • Variable ascent rate indicator
  • User-defined information display.
  • Safety stop timer
  • Remaining dive time display
  • Performs automatically adjusts for altitude changes
  • Battery Life (Hours): 300
  • User-maintainable battery
  • Desaturation countdown timer

Warranty Information

This product has a limited warranty of 24 months.
(800) 647-0605 Ext# 764